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Kérjük ismerd meg Tomika történetét! Segíts Tomikának, hogy időben megkapja a Zolgensma génterápiát, melynek összege 700 millió forint!

Dear Followers!

We have fantastic news!

We are closer than we thought! We have asked for quotes for submitting Zolgensma from all over the world, because prices are different everywhere, as we have learned.

Yesterday we received a quote from DUBAI, which is the BEST so far.

Tomika could get gene therapy in Dubai for $1,819,500 compared to the initial price of $2.1 million!

We can hardly believe our eyes.

Of course, this also puts an extra burden on us, as we have to live outside for 3 months, because that's the time for post-admission monitoring.

Even with this, we estimate that HUF 700,000,000 million will be enough for everything, of course, depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

Based on the current exchange rate, we are "only" 130.376.332 HUF short of the finish line, which means that if 26.075 people would support us with 5.000 HUF, we could order the medicine!

We are so happy and excited!

Please spread the word, because now we are really close to the medicine!

If you have any IDEAS, please SHARE!

WRITE to whoever you can think of, just in case it will be the letter that helps us!

The OFFER is valid for 3 MONTHS ONLY, this is how long we have to pay for the gene therapy.

Let's finish together this year (24.11.2023)

A Dubai kórház ajánlata eddig érvényes:


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Our story

Tomika, a lively, bubbly, always smiling 6-year-old boy.
I always wanted to be a responsible mom, one who knows and understands that her child is a gift and her only job is to nurture, tend and teach him to be a sure-footed, balanced, happy adult.
As life would have it, my responsibility is greater than usual. Although I would leave no stone unturned and would go at any length without any fear or questions, I had to admit I cannot solve this on my own.
Létezik egy kezelés, a GÉNTERÁPIA ami bizonyítottan nagyon sokat segítene, hogy ez a folyamatos fejlődés, erősödés, így is maradjon. Ennek az ára azonban 700 millió forint. Még leírni is sok…
My son, Tomika, is a 5 years old, chatty, bubbly little boy.
He was diagnosed with SMA 1 4,5 years ago and we are fighting for his recovery ever since.
We have been through numerous treatments and he improved a lot in many areas except his swallowing. Due to his inability to swallow properly, every meal is life threatening, every meal can be the last and this situation deteriorates continuously.
In this area, Zolgensma has been shown to help better than Spinraza, the treatment used so far. If it has not improved after 20 doses, we cannot wait any longer, we need to change. He is 6 years old and to this day he can only drink from a bottle lying down, sitting up he will half drink after a few sips.
That's why we started the collection, because if there is help, if there is a treatment that has been proven to help, then we should try everything we can to make sure that you get it. Tomika now weighs 17 kg, so we are 4 kg away from the limit, which is very little.
We have started a campaign in the beginning of December and a lot of people helped already but we are still far away from our goal. This is a huge amount but if we could find 300,000 people who can help with just HUF 2,000 (or EUR 5,4) we would achieve our goal.
Please, help us if you can. Even sharing our page may help if it reaches more people. My son has no other chance; he has no other option. I believe we can do this together. The power of the community and love already helped 4 little children, let my little son be the 5th one please. This cannot be the end of his fight.
We need your help please!

How can you help?

By bank transfer:

Foundation for the Recovery of Tamás Dominik Galó
H-1102 Budapest, Hungary
K&H Bank account number: 10400157-50526884-67691018
IBAN: HU21 10400157-50526884-67691018
K&H Bank foreign currency account number: 10400157-50526884-67691025
IBAN: HU26 10400157-50526884-67691025
On 22.12.2021, Tomika's foundation became a public benefit, so we can now issue companies with a certificate that allows them to deduct their donation from their tax base!
Thank you so much to ALL of you for helping to make our miracle a reality!
Galó Tamás Dominik

2.100.00 euro or the life of a little boy?

Help Tomika to defeat SMA1!
Be lehet árazni egy életet? Tomikának 700 millió forintra van szüksége a túléléshez, támogasd őt Te is 500 Ft-tal!
Want to help? Call 13600 and dial extension 92.

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Our little hero who, day by day, struggles with everything that others take for granted

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