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Dear Reader!

You too, who are reading these lines.

We are delighted to write and we still don't really realise that we have done it! Together, we achieved the big goal of getting Tomika the gene therapy treatment!


It's hard to believe that after two years, 1 month and a few days, we have finally reached the finish line together and the price of Zolgensma has been collected. With all the love in our hearts, we thank you! Tomika's life and ours will take a huge turn after this treatment. We will work to report more and more miracles through gene therapy and the rehabilitation that will follow.


His rehabilitation will be a long time, thank you if you check back from time to time and if you can help us to continue to provide the necessary improvements and equipment Tomika needs.


We would like to thank László Papp, the HonlapMágusnak, a Netmasters - hosting, domain service and Net-Jog Virtuáljogfor setting up Tomika's site two years ago, updating and maintaining it since then and continuing to help us without request.

Thank you for staying with us and continuing to follow Tomika's story, we will try to keep you posted.

Galó Tamás Dominik

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Our story

Tomika is a lively, bright-eyed, smiling 7-year-old boy with SMA1. For 5.5 years - since his diagnosis - he has been struggling day by day to grow and develop.
His swallowing has deteriorated a lot over the past years, and every meal is life-threatening for him. The only hope is the Zolgensma gene therapy, the price of which-700million HUF-was raised after 2 years of long, hard struggle, but with your help.On 27 December 2023, THE MOMENT OF CHRISTMAS HAPPENED!💖🙏💖 WE HAVE ACHIEVED OUR GOAL. We have raised FOREVER 700 MILLION Forints. Thanks to everyone who has kept their hands in the air and contributed to the collection in any way they could. 💖
Our happiness is boundless, we can finally laugh from the heart again. But there is still a long way to go, the first of which is DUBAI, where Tomika will receive her treatment. We will keep you updated on our preparations and then on our stay out there. 💖🥰💖
For you, without whom this could not have happened. Tomika will receive the treatment in a few weeks, but we can't sit back after this. For her further progress, a lot of development, regular physiotherapy and a whole range of aids will be essential, which unfortunately also come at a high price.
Please support him further on his journey!
All help is gratefully acknowledged!

How can you help with rehabilitation?

By bank transfer:

Foundation for the Recovery of Tamás Dominik Galó
H-1102 Budapest, Hungary
K&H Bank account number: 10400157-50526884-67691018
IBAN: HU21 10400157-50526884-67691018
K&H Bank foreign currency account number: 10400157-50526884-67691025
IBAN: HU26 10400157-50526884-67691025
On 22.12.2021, Tomika's foundation became a public benefit, so we can now issue companies with a certificate that allows them to deduct their donation from their tax base!
Thank you so much to ALL of you for helping to make our miracle a reality!

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